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Summary of themes:

  1. Customer administration main page

On this page:

Screen Layout

1HeaderKMS-web application header information and general buttons (switch themes, language, help, logout)
2Navigation barNavigation bar for easy access of the menu tree elements
3Customer administration menuNavigation pane for customer administration menu points
3.1KMS RegistrationKMS Registration
3.2ClustersClusters (customer)
3.3ImagesImages (customer)
3.4ProgramsPrograms (customer)
3.5Machine detailsMachine details
3.6Download machine listDownload machine list
3.7Upload machinesUpload machine list
3.8Machine tree listMachine tree list
3.10REST licenseREST license
3.11Update licenseUpdate license (customer)
3.12OptionsOptions (customer)
4Customer detailsCustomer ID and name
5Open/Close detailsOpen/Close customer details
6ClustersActual customer owned cluster list
7Registrated KMSesRegistrated KMS web users

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